Labyrinthmaker Platform of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
creative exchange between composers and the pierrot lunaire ensemble wien around the world.  

Labyrinthmaker Platform is a platform for contemporary chamber music, founded by the Pierrot  Lunaire Ensemble Wien ® , to promote creative exchange between composers and the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien ®  around the world. It provides composers and musicians with a unique opportunity to get to know each other and each other’s work. Its goal is to program contemporary chamber concerts to be presented in several parts of the world like “travelling performances”.

Currently, composers from five continents are involved and connected with members of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien ®, together they will present performances in many variations of expression based on the big art differences. These so created programs, will be sent to the towns of each participant.

Each country/town member of the labyrinthmaker is a cell and is asked to organize concerts for the labyrinthmaker platform. With all these activities, the affiliated composers attempt to establish a solid link between the new music scenes of several parts of the world, exchanging musical ideas and concepts.

This network is intended as a small contribution to build bridges between cultures and nations and to further true artistic exchange and production.



1.     Opportunities to discuss and share knowledge and experiences with the Music Community.

2.     Opportunities to promote your country and work on an international Forum.

3.     To add networking partners.

Call for Scores for Labyrinthmaker Platform 2014/2015

Deadline June 30, 2013

The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Vienna again invites composers to submit unconducted chamber music. International composers are invites to send scores for any combination of flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano, without conductor participation and without vocal participation. (other instrumentations will not be considered)

Info: office[at]pierrotlunaire[dot]at