Press Reviews (Extract)

Festival Forfest 2006. The Czech Republic
(...)the amazing composition by the Austrian composer Peter Ablinger “Weiss“ for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano under the interpretation of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble from Vienna. Ablinger’s compositions astounded the audience with its overall affiance, its use of the most refined timbres and its perfect use of pauses and stillness. There were moments when I was sorry that modern technology is unable to record the “held breaths” of the audience(...)
(...)The most exceptional ensemble interpreters was the already mentioned Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble from Vienna. Jan Grossmann

Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien in Odessa, Festival Two Days and Two Nights
The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
was the leader among instrumental groups.  Musicians: appeal to Arnold Shonberg - famous person of the past, author of the well known piece - "Pierrot Lunaire", as well as so called New Vienna school founded by him in the beginning of XX century. In their Motherland Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien - is champion, researcher of undeveloped territories: they play pieces by authors, who are seldom performed as well as by young composers, they are very attentive to the music from Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Far East. They were true to themselves in Odessa. Four works by contemporary composers were performed, it was deep, meditative, charming music. newspaper "Den'"

Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
, Beyond Austria
The balance of trade seems most smooth between Austria and the United States if the product is classical music. Six young members of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
(named for the atonal expressionist monodrama from 1912 by Viennese composer Arnold  Schoenberg) triumphed in their U.S. debut Monday at the Austrian Embassy. The group has recently reached beyond its borders, and on Monday performed music by the Americans George Crumb and Morton Feldman. The ensemble kept a firm rein on works by each from the 60s that still seem out of control to some. In Crumb's "Eleven Echoes of Autumn, the considered approach of flutist Silvia Gelos, clarinetist Barbara Schuch, violinist Florian Wilscher and pianist Gustavo Balanesco missed none of its now-classic sonic trickery: swishy breath blown over (not into) an alto flute mouthpiece, a moaning clarinet glissando, plucked piano strings, violin strumming -- all magically coalescing. Cellist Alexander Timotic and Balanesco traversed Feldman's epigrammatic "Durations II" seamlessly, as the ensemble indulged in its improvisatory freedom. The playing was most radiant on the tonally elegant, jazz-spiced neoclassic works of Austrian composer Gottfried von Einem (1918-1996): "Verdehr" Trio (clarinet, violin and piano), String Trio, Op. posth. (violist Elisaveta Staneva, violin and cello), and his Quartet, Op. 85 (flute and strings). C. Porter , Washington Post

Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
: Successful end of season at Musikverein...
The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
, can be considered as one of the most flexible formations not only for modern music. Its repertoire ranges from solo to chamber orchestra pieces, intentionally focusing on the under-represented, encompassing former personae non gratae as well as young Austrian talents. Walter Weidringer, Die Presse

Combining music by Klaus Lang (very quiet), Wolfgang Mitterer (very lound) and Erich Urbanner
(rather stern) in a concert is not only rather unusual, but also shows the courage of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
to go beyond the prevailing bounds of the scene. (Falter)

Brilliant musicians play a superlative chamber music concert
The programm which requires of its interpreters both extreme mastery of the instruments and
concentration in ensemble playing almost beyond imagination has found its ideal interpreters:
 some who got involved in this piece implicitly, virtually “without a net”, who were able to relate its expressiveness and its beauty and in this manner achieved considerable success.
Edwin Baumgartner, Wiener Zeitung

States of Mind ... In a small cast, the young , extremely successful Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien
presents a varied CD, which has “a flair of unified non-uniformity”: eight pieces by eight female composers, various styles, atmospheric & sound impressions – in this way the ensemble can reveal its range of expression. Extremely worth listening to. Musik Aktuell CD Club