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What kind of different sounds and nioses can be produced on a piano? Can a violin meiow?
…Sounds, ideas, structures…Questions of the everyday-life of a composer! On two consecutive weekendsthe children will have an opportunity to explore and enjoy the fascinating world of modern music.
Together with the musicians of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien ® armed with various music instruments, the participants will undertake a journey into the world of sounds and nioses. They will experiment with various sound and thus receive a valuable insight into the work of contemporary composers.

Contact: Silvia Gelos, E-mail: production[at]


length: two days (including final student concert) plus a concert of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien®

aiming at: students of the faculties strings, woodwinds, piano, composition


pre-night: Concert Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien ®

1st day/ morning:
Overview Over Extended/New Instrumental Techniques and their notation in instrumental specific groups. Practical training at the instrument! Examples of literature.

* violin/violoncello (left and right hand techniques like col legno battuto with the screw of the bow- producing determined pitches, "balalaika"- pizzicato in guitar hold, arco on the fingerboard between left hand and nut, harmonics, double stop glissandi, quarter notes, whistling, singing and “tap dancing” while playing the violin, scordatura)
* piano (inside-piano like a.o. playing on the strings and the corpus, overtones)
* flute/clarinet (subtones, slaps, multiphonics, noise sounds, playing in combination with singing)

1st day/ afternoon:
Improvisation Workshop including the incorporation of the extended instrumental techniques

* general guide to improvisation

* practical training:
- realization of a graphical score
- improvisation to a tape
- free improvisation

2nd day/ morning and early afternoon:
Chamber Music Workshop: possibly division of the whole group into smaller ensembles
* individual or chamber music lessons on pieces which were prepared in advance

2nd day/ late afternoon and early evening:
Preparation of the Final Concert:
* arrangement of the stage
* organization of the stage appearance and management under aspects of the stage, acoustic and visual circunstances

2nd day/ night:
Final Concert of the Students:
* Improvisation
* possibly pieces from the individual or chamber music lessons

Contact: Silvia Gelos, E-mail: production[at]